Events & Happenings

Celebrating Pride

A partnership with Off-Kilter (OK) helped to curate OK Pride, a month full of meaning, inclusivity and connection.

This June, we were proud (pun intended) to partner up with Off-Kilter (OK) to host OK Pride, a month of intentional and free programming designed to create memorable experiences for a celebration of pride, community and exploration. Off-Kilter is a group of creatives whose core values are rooted in inclusive storytelling and experiences.

The goal was to fully immerse guests and attendees in active environments with strangers and community members at a set of curated events intended to connect and inspire. Each event was organized with Off-Kilter’s verticals in mind: Lifestyle, Fashion, Contemporary Art, Music, Food & Beverage, Queer Culture and Wellness/Beauty.

Get a feel for the month’s happenings below and if you are so inclined to check out more of Off-Kilter’s ongoing conversations, community and culture, pop over and visit them here.

Friends of Friends

This intimate show was held in our one-of-a-kind Drawing Room and featured a live acoustic set by Chicago-based musician Lester Ray, after which guests enjoyed an interesting interview and conversation with Off-Kilter’s Executive Editor, Felton Edward Kizer.  

Yoga By Fire

Intentions were set and the light guided all for this candlelit yoga session in our historic Madison Ballroom. A break from the bustling city was delivered through intentional breathing exercises and relaxing vibes on International Yoga Day (and the first day of summer!) with Hood Man Yoga.

A Natural Wine Down

The North Fireplace in our beautiful Drawing Room was the setting for a wine tasting, where delicious, natural wines were served by the glass OR the bottle for an evening of unwinding with great vino and conversation. 

The Salon

Ten years ago where were you? Were you happy? OK and Mycall Akeem Riley, a Liberatory-Focused Educator, hosted an evening of intimate storytelling, journaling and community building in the our Madison ballroom.  


In addition to our OK Pride slate of events, we had to throw in a two-day pride skate party and line-up of amazing queer DJs from the Babes Only collective. Magic City represents an inclusive, safe, and fun space to simply let loose and feel free – a perfect synergy for our popular skate parties.

Already ready to celebrate Pride 2023? See you then.