Lollapalooza 2022

Come For The Music, Stay For The Sanity

Welcome to your Lollapalooza oasis.

Whether you’re coming for Metallica or Dua Lipa, 2022 Lollapalooza is back with a vengeance – this legendary four-day music fest has something for everyone. And if you are lucky enough to have snagged a room with us your proximity to this weekend of musical mayhem is sure to guarantee two things – you won’t get stuck in traffic and no matter what, you’ll have the best seat in the house – even if you sneak back to your home away from home just .4 miles away from the action. Some possible scenarios:

Day 1

Your goal was to run the gauntlet and make it the whole day so as not to miss Lil Baby’s headlining show. But it’s 2pm and you’re starting to feel the fade. Take advantage of the fact that you can leave and re-enter the Lolla confines TWICE a day on each ticket. Grab your peeps, tell all your new BFFs you’ll BRB and slink away into the cool marbled lobby to jump the elevator to your room. Splash some water on your face, pick up the phone and call room service (SHAKE SHAAAAACK!) and lie starfished on the carpet while the AC bathes you in coolness. Ding dong – your Shackburger is here and it’s time to get back in action. Enjoy the mid afternoon lunch and skitter back out to the magic as the sun starts to sink in the West for that first fantastic night. 

Day 2

It happened. You lost your mind at the Glass Animals show. There was nothing left for Machine Gun Kelly and you are going to have to leave Dua Lipa to your imagination. That’s OK! You’re alright! Know why? When you stay at the CAA, you’re right across the street! Cross Michigan Avenue and ride the elevator to the top – Cindy’s will save you. Snag a spot on the terrace and enjoy the Machine Gun concert with a craft cocktail and safe distance away from porta potties. See? You still won. 

Day 3

The big one. Saturday. You want it all – you’re going from Dashboard Confessional to Big Sean. You have a schedule. Consider using one of your in and out privileges to incorporate the Game Room into your gameplan. The cavernous ceilings in the windowless room makes a great break from the blinding sun. You can right your team with cold drinks and its A+ menu (go for the Chicago Footlong and Cheese Curds – that’s how midwesterners do what needs to get done.)

Day 4

You can feel the FOMO the minute you wake up. A glance out your window over Grant Park shows the Lolla machine setting up for one final blaze of glory. Time to do this. You don’t know who J-Hope is but one more person mentions his history-making appearance as the first South Korean Lolla headliner ever, your brain might just explode. So gear up with your (empty) water bottle (security protocol to fill them once inside), clear backpack or single-pocket fanny pack, and go. Get. It. Start your morning at Fairgrounds with a large dose of your chosen caffeine while you listen to the clang and bang of stage setup. Then skip across Michigan Avenue in search of Low Cut Connie, Pinkpanthress, or Hannah Wants Blackstarkids. Cause that’s how you make the best Lolla weekend ever – you’re ready to dive into the known and unknown from the comfort of the most comfortable – and cool – home away from home across the street. Let’s rock Chicago.