The Milk Room Shakes It Up

Micro bar goes macro concept.

You might think that because of its exquisitely tiny 8-seat space and lauded reputation (Esquire’s Best Bars in America, Chicagoist’s Best Bar in Chicago), our 2nd-floor Milk Room would resist any need to innovate, but, as with many things within our historic walls, that’s just not the case. Beverage Director Raul Jaimes and Bar Manager Samantha Parrie are, for a limited time, flipping the space’s concept on its head and offering dive bar drinks with a decidedly Milk Room spin.

Throughout August, the Milk Room’s menu will be offering an irreverent twist – divided in two halves. One side of the menu will feature a ‘Shake’ theme – think the best Long Island Iced Tea you’ve ever had, classic Lemon drops, Kamikazes, Wisconsin Old Fashioneds and more.

The other ‘Milk’ half of the menu will offer the same drinks made with the Milk Room’s rare and vintage spirits. Ever wondered what a Long Island Iced Tea made with 1980s Suntory Banzai Vodka and 1970s Barclays Gin might taste like? Well, this is your chance to find out.

The Milk Room’s name harkens back to the old speakeasy moniker where patrons of the private club would pop in for a glass of ‘milk’ – an affectionate euphemism for forbidden cocktails. Today, the Milk Shake concept allows guests to experience the usually reservation-only Milk Bar by simply walking in (first-come, first-served) on Mondays and Tuesdays (4-10pm) through August 30 with walk-up service at the bar.

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